The cover detailed on this web site is a summary only and should not be regarded as the full extent of the policy cover provided, nor the exclusions applicable to it.

Please note that, to enable the insurer to consider any claim for the cost of treatment following an accident at gymnastics, every treatment invoice must have confirmation of the area of the body treated.


Personal Accident

This is a summary of the main benefits provided by the Group Personal Accident Policy arranged on behalf of British Gymnastics and its members.

This summary does not include details of all the cover provided by the policy or all the terms and conditions of the policy, which can be found in the policy document.

There is no need to prove someone was ‘negligent` to trigger a claim and the cover is arranged primarily to assist with rehabilitation following an accident.

Whilst benefits are included for physiotherapy, manipulative massage and soft tissue treatment, this is not a private health insurance and the costs of medication, private consultation and surgery are not insured benefits. Cover may be provided for X-rays and MRI scans. You should contact W Denis Insurance Brokers PLC if this is required.

Cover is provided to Members of British Gymnastics who are involved in a single identifiable accident leading to a specific traumatic injury whilst taking part in any British Gymnastics discipline or activity in a British Gymnastics environment:



Exclusions / Other Information

General Policy Exclusions

Medical Expenses

Out-patient treatment such as physiotherapy, radiography, manipulative massage and soft tissue treatment

Level of Cover

Gold Membership: £2,000

Silver Membership: £2,000

Bronze Membership: £1,000


The policy does not cover the cost of medication, private consultation or surgery

The policy does not cover the cost of travel to/from or parking expenses at treatment sessions

There is a £50 excess applicable to all claims


Cover is not provided in respect of:

Any deliberate self harm or suicide attempt

Any post traumatic stress disorder, psychological or psychiatric condition

Any injury arising as a result of repetitive stress or strain

Any injury arising as a result of any gradually operating cause

Travel expenses incurred to attend hospital or treatment appointments


Permanent Partial Disablement

Up to £50,000 dependant on the nature of the disablement

A percentage of the total cover will be paid in respect of each area of the body as follows:

30% One thumb

20% One forefinger

10% Any other finger

15% Big toe

5% Any other toe

25% Shoulder or elbow

20% Wrist, hip, knee or ankle

30% Lower jaw by surgical operation


The policy provides cover for injuries resulting in total severance of a thumb, finger or toe and permanent loss of 75% or more of the use of the affected body part, as assessed by an independent medical expert no sooner than 12 months after the incident occurred in the case of loss of use.

The amount payable under the terms of the policy is calculated on a sliding scale dependant on the extent of disablement but will never exceed £50,000 if multiple areas have been affected

Permanent Total Disablement




Emergency Dental Treatment

Level of Cover

Gold Membership: £1,000

Silver Membership: £1,000

Bronze Membership: £500


The policy covers the cost of treatment required within 12 months of the original incident.

There is a £50 excess applicable to all claims

Recognised activities & environments

British Gymnastics' insurance provides cover to clubs, coaches, members and officials when taking part in recognised activities within recognised environments.